The Crown’s Emma Corrin Gets Cast as Deadpool 3 Villain

Wolverine might be a real antagonist to smart-mouthed Wade Wilson in Deadpool 3, but now there’s an actual villain, too. And she’s a real princess. Emma Corrin, the nonbinary actor best known for playing Lady Diana on Netflix’s The Crown, will antagonize Ryan Reynolds’ mutant antihero in his next onscreen adventure, according to Deadline.

There’s no word of whom Corrin might play. However, the Deadpool movies have a propensity for recasting roles that already had established actors in the Fox X-Men universe. Primary characters like Colossus and Juggernaut ignored existing castings, so Corrin could as easily be someone we’ve seen before, like Emma Frost, as anyone new. Likewise, Wolverine’s last onscreen adventure, Logan, featured a different Caliban actor from mainline X-Men continuity.

Corrin also recently joined the cast of Robert Eggers’ Nosferatu, which costars former Beast actor Nicholas Hoult. They also played Alfred’s fiance Esme Winikus on Pennyworth, and Thessaly in the Sandman audio dramas. Though Deadpool 3 will officially be the first in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the casting of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine suggests it will at least begin in either the Fox X-Men universe or some variant thereof. By the end, timelines should collide for at least the character of Deadpool.

Whom do you think Corrin might play? Let us know in the comment section below!

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