Tensions Flare in House of the Dragon Episode 3 Trailer

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for House of the Dragon episode 2!

House of the Dragon introduced Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and Alicent Hightower as the closest of friends. They were practically sisters. So what could tear them apart? The Iron Throne, of course. King Viserys has to take a new wife, and Otto Hightower successfully positioned Alicent to be his next bride… and Rhaenyra’s new stepmother. However, neither Viserys nor Alicent even broached the possibility of this to Rhaenyra. Alicent also seemed surprised by the announcement.

In the new trailer for House of the Dragon episode 3, the series has jumped well past the marriage of Viserys and Alicent. They now have a young son together, and Rhaenyra’s position as the heir is in question. Rhaenyra is also being pressured to marry and provide an heir, regardless of her own wishes. The trailer also suggests that Rhaenyra places herself in danger as she impulsively rides off alone.

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Meanwhile, Prince Daemon and Lord Corlys are finding out the hard way that the Crab Feeder is a formidable foe. He may even be more than a match for their combined forces. However, the Crab Feeder’s men are all too vulnerable to Daemon’s vicious dragon.

HBO has also posted the behind-the-scenes video featurette for House of the Dragon episode 2, which highlights the new alliances and the costly consequences that will emerge.

House of the Dragon episode 3 will premiere next Sunday, September 4, on HBO and HBO Max.

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