G.I. Joe Ultimates Wave 3 Brings Storm Shadow and Scarlett

Fans may not have cottoned to the live-action versions of Scarlett and Storm Shadow in last year’s Snake Eyes movie, but Super7‘s bringing back the versions ’80s fans love. In their G.I. Joe Ultimates wave 3, the animated/comic versions of the two martial arts masters get 7-inch figures loaded with gear. And they’re not alone. On the Joe side, Doc arrives to patch up wounded soldiers and fire off some mortar shots, er, “flares,” of his own. And fans looking to bolster the ranks of Cobra can buy as many of the Cobra Troopers as they like, and vary it up with two different skin tones.

Cobra’s infantry also include several guns, briefcase bomb, and that  most cartoonish of weapons, a laser whip. Doc includes multiple guns, a very mortar-like flare launcher, and even an in-scale comic. His helmet fits on all three alternate portraits.

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Storm Shadow, however, is the first to have a switch-out forearm, to show of his Arashikage tattoo, or not. From there, his aresenal includes swords, bow and arrows, ninja throwing stars, and a rifle, along with a gasmasked head. Scarlett gets three heads, two crosbows, multiple arrows, and her own rifle.

Preorder each figure now direct from Super7, or use other retailers like Entertainment Earth to save on shipping. (Superhero Hype is an affiliate partner with Entertainment Earth, and may earn fees based on purchases made through site links.) Take a look at all the images in the gallery below to help make your mind up. Which figure is your favorite? Let us know in comments.

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