NECA Finally Obtains Peter Weller Likeness for RoboCop Toys

They finally did it. NECA stopped making RoboCop action figures a while back, when they figured they’d gone as far as they could without likeness rights. Peter Weller, much like Jack Nicholson, usually asked too much in licensing fees, so only high-end imports could meet his price. (His lips alone didn’t count.) But whatever magic it took to change his mind…they did it. Today NECA revealed what will undoubtedly be the first of several new RoboCop figures.

Ultimate Battle-Damaged RoboCop comes in a deluxe set with his OCP recharging chair. Per official description, ” The chair is over 8″ tall, over 7″ wide, and has swiveling seat as well as articulated swiveling monitors! RoboCop comes with even more accessories, too: interchangeable data spike fist, Auto-9 pistol, attachable muzzle blast effect, and an additional interchangeable head with the likeness of Peter Weller. Featuring upgraded deco and digital printing. Comes in premium window box packaging with silver foil printing.”

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Preorders should go up at online retailers soon, with delivery expected in April. After which time NECA will likely reveal whatever’s next. When they finally score a Holy Grail of a likeness — see Sigourney Weaver in the Alien franchise — they make it worthwhile.

UPDATE: A non-damaged version is coming too!

Will you get excited to own some Peter Weller figures in your RoboCop collection? Let us know in comments!

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