NECA’s Next Gargoyles Figure, Bronx, Comes With Bonus Wings

Bronx in the house! Joining Goliath, Thailog, and Demona in NECA‘s ultimate Gargoyles figure line, the bestial Bronx bounds in. Inspired just a little by the Terror Dogs of Ghostbusters, this figure necessarily boasts an entirely new sculpt, and because he’s slightly smaller than the more humanoid gargoyles, includes a bonus. Fans who complained that Goliath’s wings won’t fold into a cape like on the TV show can now have exactly that. Because packed in with Bronx is a whole new draped set of wings that fits over the leader’s shoulders.

NECA later confirmed on Twitter that this was always the plan. To even out costs, accessories for larger figures will come with the smaller ones. They’re counting on Gargoyles collectors being completists, because, duh. Four more figures are purportedly in the works, including some humans. Presumably that would be villain Xanatos and/or crucial ally Elisa Maza. With the Gargoyles featuring a more realistic design, they will likely feature similar levels of detail rather than animated caricature.

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Wings aren’t all. Bronx will also feature alternate heads and a tasty meat snack. Appetites build up after centuries in stone. Sales info will arrive at a later date.

What do you think of NECA’s Gargoyles so far? Let us know in comments.

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