Masters of the Universe Comic-Con Exclusives Include New Scare Glow

Scare Glow consistently rates as one of the most popular Masters of the Universe toy figures never to have been depicted in animation. Until now. When Masters of the Universe: Revelation drops on Netflix July 23, fans will see a new and terrifying iteration. Voiced by horror veteran Tony Todd, the glowing skeletal ghost rules as the lord of Eternia’s Land of the Dead. That’s quite a promotion from his original minicomic portrayal as an extradimensional being, and his Classics figure bio as the ghost of a thief named Karak Nul. Regardless, he’s a glow-in-the-dark Grim Reaper on steroids, and always sold out of whatever toy incarnation depicted him.

Making the Masterverse version of the figure a Comic-Con exclusive will surely inspire great debate. But there seems a high probability that this is simply a more deluxe version of whatever eventually comes to retail. With a poseable cloth cape and a glowing power sword that splits in half, he’s more elaborate than any of the basic figures so far. And his box features blacklight effects to enhance the glow.

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But that’s not all. Mega Construx incorporates a designer toy aesthetic with Battle Labbit. This buildable rabbit-ish creation features a Battle Cat color scheme and power sword. And a Hot Wheels two pack recreates the classic Wind Raider and Land Shark toys, piloted by mini-replicas of the original He-Man and Skeletor figures.

Take a look in the gallery below for more. All of Mattel‘s Comic-Con exclusives for 2021 will be for sale on Mattel Creations, the company’s collaboration and direct-to-consumer platform, on Thursday, July 22 at 9am PST / 12pm EST. So may the gods have mercy on their servers that day. This concludes their reveals.

Will you make the attempt to grab any of these? Let us know in comments!

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