McFarlane Toys Teases First Netflix-Based The Witcher Action Figures

McFarlane Toys acquired the toy rights to the entire The Witcher franchise a while back. So far, however, the company has only put out figures based on the third video game, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. Witcher fans have waited to hear news of Netflix series getting toys, and now, it’s finally here. Following the recent online WitcherCon, the toy company dropped its first tease of Netflix-based The Witcher collectibles. Check it out below:

Lest anyone be unsure which face that figure will have when it turns around, the Netflix logo makes it official. Henry Cavill will get his second round of McFarlane figures, following their Zack Snyder’s Justice League line. And it looks like a figure of the monster Kikimora in the background. Something the Witcher figures so far lack is some good old large monsters. Other rumored figures in the first series? Jaskier and a bloody Geralt, though it’s not clear if that Geralt will simply be a variant or a new figure.

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Perhaps most significantly, this Geralt seems to have a “soft goods” cloth cape. McFarlane Toys typically does not do such things, which has led to some superheroes getting more awkward execution than expected. If this works out, maybe we can see a Superman or Spawn with a big soft cape down the line.

Do you look forward to tossing some coins to McFarlane for Netflix-based The Witcher figures? let us know in comments.

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