1990 TMNT Origin of Shredder and Splinter Figure Two-Pack Revealed

This is a pretty deep cut for NECA, but they’ve been teasing it for a while. In their continuing efforts to make every possible action figure from the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, the company just fully revealed a “Shadow Warriors” two-pack. This features Oroku Saki before he became Shredder, and Splinter’s master Hamato Yoshi before he became worm food. Two versions of pre-mutation Splinter also get packed in. One shows off his ninja moves in his cage, while the other attaches to an alternate Saki head with rat bites. Shredder and Splinter begin their rivalry here.

Both figures look to use the same basic body, but include switch-out arms and shirt. So they can be displayed bare torsoed, bare-armed, or fully gi’d up. Each also includes alternate hands and the same assortment of eight ninja weapons. Like most of NECA’s TMNT movie figures, the two-pack will sell exclusively at Walmart. Look for it later this summer.

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NECA’s next expected movie figure will be regular (not super) Shredder in his Secret of the Ooze Armor. So far, nothing from the third film…yet.

What do you make of the Shredder and Splinter origins figures? The toys you never knew you needed, or excessive variants? Let us know in comments!

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