Loki Episode 2 – What Did You Think?!

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Loki episode 2!

There’s a new god of mischief in the multiverse, and maybe even a new multiverse! Disney+ has premiered the second episode of Loki, and we want to know what the Superhero Hype community thinks about it!

In 1985, the fugitive Loki Variant is cornered by TVA agents at a Renaissance fair. However, the Variant quickly turns the tables by possessing a female TVA agent and murdering the rest. The Variant also takes the woman captive while escaping into the time stream.  At the TVA headquarters, Miss Minutes tries to grill Loki about what he’s learned since his training began. Soon after, Mobius brings Loki out for his first field assignment to track the Variant.

Unfortunately for Mobius, Loki stalls for time and tries to bargain for an audience with the Time Keepers. Mobius’ boss, Ravonna Renslayer, is less than amused, and she gives Mobius one last chance to get something useful out of Loki. While researching the timeline, Loki has an epiphany: the Variant is hiding in an apocalyptic event where the TVA can’t detect any changes to history.

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Loki and Mobius test the theory by traveling to Pompeii, shortly before it was destroyed in 79 AD. Much to Mobius’ amazement, nothing Loki does affects the flow of history. Having confirmed the theory, they track the Variant to a massive hurricane in 2050.

In the future, the Variant detects the arrival of Loki and the TVA. The Variant also possesses several people, including Hunter B-15, while confronting Loki. To Loki’s surprise, the Variant has no interest in joining forces with him to take over the TVA. Loki also finds that he can’t easily defeat the Variant. During their battle, the Variant’s stolen TVA tech sends reset bombs into the timeline. The bombs also create several new branching timelines.

Additionally, the Variant reveals that she is a female incarnation of Loki before she flees again. As Mobius closes in on them, Loki follows his Variant into the portal and vanishes.

The first two episodes of Loki are streaming on Disney+. Episode 3 will premiere on Wednesday, June 23.

We still want to hear what you think. So make sure to leave your reviews for Loki in the comment section below!

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