Get Ready for Some Fireworks in Rick and Morty Season 5 Trailer 2

It won’t be long now before Rick and Morty are messing up the multiverse and their family’s lives yet again on Adult Swim. And Adult Swim just dropped the second trailer for season 5, which debuts June 20th. It appears to deliver everything fans would expect — large-scale sci-fi destruction, alternate versions of main characters dying, Rick lying and acting inconsiderate, Morty in trouble, Jerry…enjoying himself? Of course plenty of references are included, from the obvious Star Wars and Voltron nods to Sub-Mariner and what looks like a Captain Planet-themed episode.

Don’t just stand there…take a look below:

The new trailer isn’t the only promo for the new season. During a season 4 marathon, Adult Swim also debuted a 15-minute short that looks like a 16-bit video game playthrough. Featuring multiple references to many characters and situations from the show’s history, it boasts bosses like Rick’s private toilet, and allies like Mr. Poopybutthole. Some serve as both: Birdperson helps, but Phoenixperson attacks. And Gazorpazorpfield plays both sides.

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Watch with caution, as fans may find themselves pining to play a game that does not (yet!) exist:

Are you looking forward to Rick and Morty season 5? What additional references did you spot? Let us know in comments below!

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