Invincible Episodes 1-3 – What Did You Think?!

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Invincible episodes 1-3!

Nearly two decades ago, Robert Kirkman made his mark in comics by co-creating The Walking Dead and Invincible. While AMC’s Walking Dead adaptation is winding down, the animated Invincible series is finally here. Amazon Prime has premiered the first three episodes of Invincible, and we want to know what the Superhero Hype community thinks about it!

In the series premiere, the Guardians of the Globe try to save the President from the Mauler Twins. However, it was the timely arrival of Omni-Man that saved day. In his normal life, Omni-Man is Nolan Grayson, the husband of Debbie and the father of Mark. Unlike his dad, Mark’s powers haven’t manifested when the series begins. Mark also manages to get beaten up by a bully named Todd while trying to defend Amber Bennett from Todd’s advances. Hours later, Mark’s powers finally appear. Regardless of his initial hesitancy, Nolan trains Mark to use his abilities. He also hits Mark during the training, which visibly frustrates and hurts Mark. Nolan eventually makes it up to Mark and introduces him to Art Rosenbaum, the man who makes superhero costumes.

Mark settles on Invincible as his superhero name and finally gets a costume. Meanwhile, Omni-Man lures the Guardians into a trap and he brutally murders them all. Nolan is also grievously wounded by the fight and collapses.

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In the second episode, the Global Defense Agency finds the dead Guardians as Nolan clings to life. Director Cecil Stedman is visited by Damien Darkblood, a demon P.I. who wants to solve the case in order to extend his time on Earth. However, Cecil dismisses Darkblood’s initial findings. Meanwhile Cecil brings Mark and Debbie to visit Nolan in a secure hospital. In Omni-Man’s absence, Mark tries to step up when the Flazans invade the Earth. Unfortunately, Mark freezes in battle before Atom Eve and the Teen Team arrive. Regardless, even the Teen Team are overwhelmed by the invaders until they are forced to retreat due to their rapid aging.

At school, Mark defuses Todd’s bullying attempts by taking every hit without flinching. He also encounters Atom Eve in her civilian ID, and she introduces him to the rest of her team. The Flaxans invade a second time, this time with the technology to counter the rapid aging. But Invincible and the Teen Team are once again able to repel them when Mark fully unleashes his power. Cecil also enlists Mark to confront Allen the Alien, a frequent sparing partner of Omni-Man’s. However, Allen’s agenda is more benevolent than it seemed, and he soon leaves.

The same can’t be said for the Flaxans, who return for one last invasion. This time, the fully revived Omni-Man chases them back to their dimension. He also terrorizes and decimates their society with a harsh warning that Earth isn’t theirs to conquer…which implies that its his. When Nolan returns to Earth, word breaks that the Guardians are dead.

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The third episode begins at the public funeral for the Guardians, as Omni-Man pledges to protect the planet alongside a new generation of heroes. However, Omni-Man was less pleased to be confronted by Darkblood after the private funeral for his “friends.” Soon after, Atom Eve discovers that her boyfriend, Rex Splode, is cheating on her with Dupli-Kate; which shatters the Teen Team. Meanwhile, Cecil puts Robot in charge of assembling a new Guardians team. Robot names his former teammates, Eve, Rex, and Dupli-Kate, to the squad, but Eve refuses to be reunite with them. Additionally, Monster Girl, Black Samson, and Shrinking Rae join the new Guardians as well.

At school, Todd approaches Mark again, fearful of Amber’s blackmail material. Todd passes Amber phone number to Mark. Eventually, Mark and Amber make a study date. However, their time together is cut short when Cecil sends Mark and Atom Eve to fight Doc Seismic at Mt. Rushmore. After successfully saving the monument, Mark returns and makes amends with Amber. Rex is less successful with his apology to Eve. But when Eve goes to see Mark, she finds him making out with Amber on his bed.

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In a high security prison, Robot covertly allows the Mauler Twins to escape, but only one of them survives. At the Grayson family home, Darkblood appears to Debbie and questions her about the attack on the Guardians. Although Darkblood disappears before Nolan catches him there, he senses the signature drop in temperature from Darkblood’s presence. Nolan also appears to be suspicious that Debbie didn’t mention Darkblood was in their home.

Invincible‘s first three episodes are on Amazon Prime. The fourth episode will debut on Friday, April 2.

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