George Miller Discusses Furiosa’s Post-Mad Max Future

Mad Max: Fury Road remains one of the most acclaimed action films of the last decade, so it’s surprising no sequel yet exists. Instead, discussion tends to focus on the possibility of a prequel focusing on Charlize Theron‘s breakout character Imperator Furiosa. Although, naturally, making it a prequel necessitates recasting. In a recent interview on New York Comic Con’s YouTube channel (via THR), director George Miller explained why a sequel might be off the table. Basically, he thought about it, and sees it going only one of two ways.

Quoting Joseph Campbell, Miller said, “The usual story is that today’s hero becomes tomorrow’s tyrant. You love what you built or saved too much, and you become holdfast….you become the orthodoxy,” adding “I think that’s probably healthy, for instance in limited terms, in politics.” Under that scenario, Furiosa could end up not unlike Tina Turner’s Aunty Entity from Beyond Thunderdome, exerting control over her new community. But Miller also thinks Furiosa’s “probably too smart” for that. “I’m torn between two things, because I believe whatever motivated Furiosa to do this thing came from a really brave and courageous place. Part of me would love if she puts the world to a more equitable world.”

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Either way, it seems, telling the story of a ruler feels less “Mad Max” than of the hero who vanquishes. This might also explain why Arnold Schwarzenegger’s King Conan movie never happened. Ruling is harder than overthrowing, and tells a less dynamic tale. Max always ended each adventure heading out into the wasteland for the next one, but Furiosa isn’t one to just move on like that.

You can watch the entire hourlong interview below.

Do you think Furiosa would rule wisely, or poorly? Let us know in comments.

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