The Crow Returns to Action Figures Via Diamond Select

It’s been a while since Eric Draven and his goth-mime facepaint graced toy shelves, and fans still clamor for his return. NECA had the license years ago, but that was still in the age of pre-posed figures before modern articulation. But now it seems Diamond Select‘s existing relationship with the Lee family for Bruce Lee action figures carried over to son Brandon. Approved by the family, the new figure includes gravestone, guitar, sword, crow and interchangeable hands. Since this is Diamond, the Crow might also show up at Walgreens in a cheaper, accessory-free version.

The prototype shown at Comic-Con@Home is not yet the final-final form. However, since the trenchcoat is sculpted, it leaves room for a non-trenchcoat version down the line. Much like with John Wick, a surprising number of potential variants exist for a guy who wears all black.

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One area that no company ever entered is The Crow‘s supporting characters, who inhabit a visually stylized world. NECA made a single, pre-posed figure of Michael Wincott’s Top Dollar, and that was it. Assuming actor likenesses don’t prove prohibitive, a wealth of material exists there. And the original James O’Barr comic could offer even more figure fodder.

What more would you like to see from The Crow in toy form? Give us your best suggestions in comments below.

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