Target Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Collection Includes Big Millennium Falcon

Regarded by fans as perhaps the greatest Star Wars vehicle ever made, the Big Millennium Falcon (BMF) hasn’t appeared on store shelves since the beginning of the Disney era. Originally a whopping $149, the toy corrected many issues collectors had long had with the first Millennium Falcon toy. Mainly, that old one was not remotely to scale, and modern figures barely fit in the cockpit. Resculpted from the ground up, the BMF made for a more accurate signature vehicle, complete with electronics and new features like an escape pod. Now, for a new Target Star Wars collection, it’s finally coming back.

Target’s Galaxy’s Edge Trading Outpost will gather exclusive merchandise based on the Disney theme park area. New and revamped apparel, accessories, and collectibles should feature prominently. Inflation and exclusivity make the BMF considerably pricier for the current era — it’s now $399.99. But it also sports upgrades, including new sound effects based on the Smuggler’s Run ride, in addition to the old ones. Hasbro also updated the deco, and threw in bonus figures of Chewbacca, Hondo, and six Porgs.

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That’s not all. Two Black Series figures inspired by the park are also on the way. DJ R-3X, the original Star Tours pilot turned DJ, now has a single-packaged version of a figure that previously only came in a park-exclusive three-pack. And expanded universe Stormtrooper Captain Cardinal, a red repaint of Captain Phasma, will follow. LEGO, Funko, and other companies also plan special releases. Some online preorders are up now; expect to find this stuff in stores starting Aug. 30th.

Get a more thorough look at the BMF and Black Series figures in our gallery below. Will you brave the Target hordes for them? Let us know in comments.

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