Todd McFarlane’s Spawn Kickstarter Figure Revealed, Funded Immediately

Spawn still has some gas in the toy tank left. Following an extremely popular new figure in the Mortal Kombat line, he’s getting a Kickstarter revival announced today. So why Kickstarter? In the introductory video, creator Todd McFarlane says it’s because the stores that carry toys nowadays don’t just want one figure at a time, the way he plans on doing this line. Plus they prefer major media tie-ins, of which Spawn only has the comic, and (momentarily) a video game cameo.

The new Spawn figure is a remake of the very first Spawn figure, with the modern McFarlane style. Seven inches tall rather than the original five, it will sport 20 points of articulation. (That’s only two fewer than most of his current figures, which advertise 22.) Coming with a comic in resealable clamshell packaging, it’s also a ’90s throwback to the degree that it features exclusive variants.

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While the basic figure costs $40, fans who want an autograph from Todd and a chase weapon can have them for $80. And the figure comes in three color schemes, with different heads. The modern repaint sports a shoelace head, while the gray artist proof version is fully gray. Order all three figures autographed for $160, and receive bonus weapons, plus an additional artist-proof zombie head and full-color human head. Doing the math, fans who just want the figures and no extras or signatures can just place three separate orders for the base figures for $120 total. And that’s still cheaper than, say, Super7’s direct-to-consumer figures. (Shipping costs and taxes will be added later.)

Within an hour, the Kickstarter fully funded, so these became a sure thing. McFarlane plans for this to be a new business model, specifying lines like Movie Maniacs and Dragons as possibilities for the future.  Check out the full video below for more.

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