Toy Review: Weta Workshop Mini Epics – Alita and Dr. Zaius

After making a handful of animated-styled Lord of the Rings vinyl miniatures for sale at conventions, Weta workshop realized a market existed. And thanks to their access to movies they actually worked on in their capacity as a special effects house, they proved well-positioned to take advantage and score popular licenses. Courtesy of Entertainment Earth, today we look at a couple of their newest releases. Dr. Zaius, made famous by the original Planet of the Apes movies, and Alita, the title character of Alita: Battle Angel. Planet of the Apes spawned many collectibles in the past, but Alita mostly only generated some high-end collectibles. So she’s likely to be the more in-demand of the two — but these also feel designed to be addictive. Anyone who buys one and likes the style will likely end up on the hook for more.

Described as vinyls, the stylized, cartoonized figures are quite hard. While they contain a tiny bit of give, odds are that any pointy bits like Dr. Zaius’ cane will snap off if put under pressure. On the plus side, they don’t seem likely to warp and fall over; plus, they come with transparent stands that sport appropriately placed dual footpegs.

Both figures are packaged in a way that makes the entire toy viewable. The box may come out bigger than necessary, but in-box collectors can see the entire thing they own. Items are held in by a single plastic tray that folds around the figure to keep it cushioned. And a QR Code on the back of the box leads to the following video:

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Probably most of interest in this series are the figures based on Alita, District 9, and perhaps MIB: International, which have not seen toys in this scale prior. Dr. Zaius and Alita may not indicate scale the best, as they are smaller characters, but given that, they work okay with 7-inch figures, and likely better with 6-inch.

The artists have taken care to make the figures worth looking at from all angles. From behind, Alita’s T-shirt raises just a bit so one can glimpse her mechanics underneath. And Dr. Zaius’ other hand is fidgeting behind his back, as if ready to strike or make a sudden dramatic gesture.

Perhaps needless to say, these are not articulated, and cost around $30. For folks who already have a bazillion Lord of the Rings collectibles, or Ghostbusters, this may seem needless. But unless an unlikely Alita sequel happens, she, and especially her supporting cast, don’t look likely to be well served any other way.

As for Zaius, well, he doesn’t have much on the market right at the moment.

Take a look in our gallery below for more details. Will these figures answer your Battle Angel-collecting prayers? Let us know in comments.

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