Star Wars Imperial Troop Transporter From The Mandalorian Gets a New Toy

It’s been a long road for the trusty Star Wars Imperial Troop Transporter. The vehicle debuted in the original vintage Kenner line, and confused young fans because it didn’t appear in the movies. Did we blink and miss it? Was it supposed to be a variation of the Rebel pilot transporter in the Yavin hangar? It didn’t matter, because the cool thing about the toy was that it featured sound bites from A New Hope, including Threepio’s voice and a stun blast. A switch inside the toy allowed kids to be speed up or slow down the sounds, with the speed feature essential once the battery charge went down.

Dave Filoni revived the Troop Transporters for Star Wars: Rebels. But Jon Favreau went a step further, and brought it into live-action for the first time in The Mandalorian. Given how much of The Mandalorian feels like fantasy scenarios generated by big kids playing with their toys, it seems appropriate.

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Now it all comes back around, as the live-action version of the toy is getting itself a toy. Retailing for $69.99, the new transport doesn’t have the wacky vintage sound effects. But it makes up for it by having a fully functional interior. Details include a removable roof, opening doors, swiveling gun turret, blaster storage, and fold-down seating. Pre-orders should be live now at your favorite online retailer, for a spring release. Just in time to confront the Baby Yoda toys also on their way.

Take a look at the gallery below to examine all the new toy’s details And let us know what you think of the upgrade in comments!