Star Wars December Figure Reveals Include Two New Troopers

At a convention in Germany this weekend, Hasbro took the time to announce even more Star Wars figures on the way. And sadly, not a one of them is Baby Yoda, er, “The Child.” Though there is a Yoda-related item the young ones should enjoy. The Star Wars December figure reveals include two new Black Series 6-inch troopers, a new lightsaber replica, and more Galaxy of Adventures 5-inch action toys.

In other news, the Black Series will raise prices in Spring. Dependably $19.99 since their introduction half a decade ago, the 1/12 scale figures soon will come with a suggested retail price of $21.49. So building that army just got pricier, but also more varied, as the Sith Jet Trooper and Commander Bly join the space militaries. Bly, you may remember, was a good ally of Aayla Secura in the Clone Wars, only to turn and murder her when Order 66 came down.

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Meanwhile, the new 5-inch Galaxy of Adventures line with stylized design and action features, expands with favorites old and new. Yoda, Boba Fett, and Darth Maul make their debuts, alongside the Sith Jet Trooper. Yes, they fly now. And they get everywhere. Just like sand — so coarse and rough, as well.

Finally, a new high-end lightsaber replica will throw a curve into the works. That’s right: the curve-handled blade of Count Dooku, also known as Darth Tyranus.

See images of all the new items in our gallery below. Which is your favorite? Let us know in comments.