Disney’s Alan Horn Says The Mandalorian Could Get His Own Movie

Yesterday, millions of users rang in the launch of Disney+ by downloading the new platform to their mobile devices. Many of these subscribers likely tuned in to watch the first episode of its highly anticipated original series, The Mandalorian. So far, early reactions to the first live-action Star Wars show have been generally positive. And if things continue going this way, the title character could have a future on the big screen as well.

While appearing at Variety’s Business Managers Breakfast in Beverly Hills, Disney’s chief creative officer and co-chairman Alan Horn addressed The Mandalorian’s recent success. Because of the series’ newfound popularity, he commented on the possibility of Pedro Pascal’s bounty-hunting protagonist showing up in a feature-length movie.

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The Mandalorian is already proving to be a big thing,” said Horn. “So if that series proves to be so compelling that we reverse engineer it into a theatrical release, a two-hour film or whatever, O.K.”

To be clear, Horn might not be suggesting that Pascal’s character could star in his own standalone film. As IndieWire notes, his use of the phrase “reverse engineer” comes off as rather ambiguous. It also implies that he’s considering shaving down the first season’s eight episodes into one two-hour package fit for moviegoers. This sort of thing might impress non-Disney+ subscribers. However, it also seems like it would sacrifice too much of the season’s story and character development.

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