Dave Gibbons’ Treatment Comic is Getting a Film Adaptation

With HBO’s Watchmen TV show set to drop in a few weeks, the work of artist Dave Gibbons is garnering newfound interest. Now, one of Gibbons’ lesser-known comic book titles is also getting a live-action adaptation. According to Variety, Gibbons has just sold the film rights to his creator-owned series, Treatment.

Gibbons began publishing Treatment on Madefire, a digital-first platform. The series imagines a future where global economic downturn has caused crime rates to skyrocket. In an effort to turn tragedy into entertainment, a new television program is launched where an assortment of deadly killers hunt the world’s most dangerous criminals for sport. Networks broadcast their efforts live all over the world. Gibbons has also allowed other writers and artists to create Treatment stories set in that world.

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Madefire’s newly-created production house, Madefire Studios, is developing Treatment as a movie. Additionally, Variety notes that the studio is getting ready to reach out to writers and filmmakers to tackle the project. Gibbons himself also shared his excitement for the upcoming venture in a new statement.

“Madefire has been at the cutting edge of publishing for years now, using technology to bring comic book stories alive,” said Gibbons. “I’m thrilled to have Treatment be a part of their expansion into film and television and look forward to continuing our long and happy association.”

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