Toy Story 4 Holds Off Another Killer Doll At the Weekend Box Office

The winner and still box office champion is Toy Story 4. Pixar and Disney’s latest animated hit dropped only 52% in its second weekend, finishing with $57.9 million in first place. For the second weekend in a row, Toy Story 4‘s primary competition came from a killer doll. Annabelle Comes Home took second place, as The Conjuring spinoff scared up a $20.3 million opening. In third place, Danny Boyle’s Beatles-inspired musical fantasy, Yesterday, clocked in at #3 with $17 million.

Holding on at number 4 was Disney’s Aladdin remake with $9.3 million. Aladdin‘s $305 million will soon be overtaken by Toy Story 4, but it has shown some impressive legs at the box office. Closing out the top five was The Secret Life of Pets 2 with $7.1 million.

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In sixth place, Men in Black: International brought in $6.5 million. Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame reentered the top 10 at #7. However, Endgame came in under its modest projections with $5.5 million. Even with the “Bring Back Event” push from Marvel and Disney, Endgame just couldn’t make much of a dent. It’s immediate problem is that the film wasn’t gone long enough to be missed, and its primary audience has already seen it multiple times. Spider-Man: Far From Home may give Endgame a boost next weekend. However, there’s little chance that this re-release will push Endgame over Avatar‘s world box office record.

Child’s Play had a disastrous drop from #2 to #8, with $4.3 million in its second weekend. At this rate, the horror remake may not have a long stay in the top ten. Rocketman took ninth place with $3.87 million, while John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum added another $3.1 million. At $161.3 million, John Wick: Chapter 3 is the summer’s top movie that wasn’t produced by Disney, Pixar, or Marvel.

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