Joker Star Teases DC Villain’s Dark Turn Due To Mother-Son Drama

Fans of Gotham’s Prince of Crime will discover a new side of the DC villain this fall when director Todd Phillips’ Joker moviei s released. The untold story of Joker’s origins will see star Brian Tyree Henry in an undisclosed role, but speaking with Indie Wire, Henry revealed that the movie “really goes into just the origin story,” casting aside the feud with Batman.

“Villains are never born that way, they’re made. There’s something that happens in their lives that they give up their faith in humanity; they see the flaws of humanity and mankind and feel like they must correct it. And what happens with Joker is you start to see how he really was a happy person. He really was trying to find this hope in humanity until it broke him down and he just had to give up and reshape it.”

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Then the actor teased a certain link between Joker’s dark transformation and his relationship with his mother.

“There’s going to be a connection [made] about a boy and his mother. That is another thing that you’re going to see — that he was capable of love at some point. But, at the end of the day, I think it’s all about how he was made that way, how he didn’t start being that kind of person.”

Joker will debut in theaters on October 4.