Star Tye Sheridan Reveals X-Men: Dark Phoenix’s Original Ending

The last installment in Fox’s X-Men franchise had a very long and difficult development. We know that the film underwent several changes, with the entire third act and the ending being reshot in late 2018. Speaking with Cinema BlendDark Phoenix star Tye Sheridan has revealed director Simon Kinberg’s original plans for the grand finale.

“It’s really hard for me to remember what the ending of this movie is,” he said, laughing. “Originally, it was scripted that Charles and Scott go to the U.N. because — man, I’m totally going to mess this up — they go to the U.N. because they’re going to try to tell the President that, ‘Hey, we’re under attack by aliens and, they’ve now captured Jean Grey.’ Or, you know, whatever it is that we’re going to tell him.”

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Then Sheridan explained that the Dark Phoenix‘s original ending would have involved the Skrulls making their appearance .

“There is this huge battle between the guards at the U.N. and Jean Grey, and all the guards turn out to be Skrulls,” he added. “And then Jean and Scott are — Scott is fighting Skrulls in the fountain. He gets thrown into the fountain in front of the U.N. And then Jean comes down and basically fights all of the Skrulls off, and then blasts back off into space.”

The decision to change the original plans for Dark Phoenix may be due to the fact that the movie was  too similar to Captain Marvel.

Dark Phoenix is out in theaters now. What do you think about Dark Phoenix‘s original ending? Let us know in the comments section below.