Dark Phoenix Producer Reacts to Fans Shipping Magneto and Charles

Fans would always like to imagine their favorite characters expressing their feelings towards one another, and Prof. Xavier and Magneto are no exception. Speaking with USA Today, longtime X-Men movies producer Hutch Parker revealed that he actually enjoys the fact that the fans are speculating about Charles Xavier and Eric Lehnsherr’s hypothetical relationship.

“I like the questions, I like the speculation, and certainly James and Michael like to play into it and the whole cast, too,” says Hutch Parker. “I think it does speak to part of what’s unique about the X-Men: They give you much more complex characters and relationships. They’re not easily pigeonholed in any given way and you get to see them make turns that we recognize from life. I kinda love it because it is the core philosophical debate that underpins the whole franchise.”

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Dark Phoenix star Michael Fassbender, who plays Magneto, also addressed the issue.

“I’ve loved playing the part,” Fassbender said. “I love the relationship between Erik and Charles because it’s quite sophisticated. They can go to war with one another and they can sit down and play a game of chess. In a way, they’re kind of interdependent. In my opinion, Charles is sort of Erik’s best friend. Maybe his only friend.”

The last installment to Fox’s X-Men film franchise opens in theaters June 7. Are you one of those fans who ship Prof. X and Magneto together? Let us know in the comments section below.