Matthew Vaughn Reveals Details of His Failed Superman Trilogy

When Matthew Vaughn and Mark Millar pitched the idea of a trilogy involving the Man of Steel to Warner Bros. way back in 2008, surely they wanted things to end in a different way. Speaking to Polygon, the director revealed some interesting details about his failed Superman trilogy project. According to Vaughn, the first installment in the trilogy would have taken place almost entirely on Krypton. The script would have focused on Jor-El’s attempts to save Krypton from destruction. The iconic DC Comics character would have grown up on his home planet. Then he would have arrived on the Earth after his homeworld blew up, and he would have to deal with “loyalty to both planets”.

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Vaughn’s intentions were to recycle some of this storyline on the big screen as soon as he went behind the camera to direct Man of Steel 2, but then things went in a different direction. The movie never made it to the DC Extended Universe, and probably never will. Even though the negotiations with Vaughn to direct Man of Steel 2 didn’t bear fruit, he wouldn’t mind a return to the DC Universe, should the opportunity arise for him to direct a new Superman film.

“It’d be hard to say no,” he concluded.

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