John Bradley Reflects On How Sam Made It Out of The Battle of Winterfell

Sam Tarly has come a long way since the day he presented himself to the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch in Castle Black’s yard, trembling and afraid of swinging a real sword. In Game of Thrones latest episode, Sam found the courage inside himself to take on the Army of Dead.

When all was said and done, the steward of the Night’s Watch surprisingly survived the battle, despite many instances of being covered in Wights. Speaking on The Ellen DeGeneres show (via The Wrap), actor John Bradley was asked if he was surprised of the outcome.

Yeah, I didn’t think I was gonna survive either,” the actor said. “Because you’re always kind of looking at the scripts for the new episode with one eye open. You’re so nervous. And people say, ‘Oh, Sam can’t die,’ and ‘Sam’s too important’ or ‘Sam’s too beloved.’ And you just think, ‘God, don’t you watch this show? Have you never seen this show before?’ Important and beloved doesn’t matter. Nobody is sacred and nobody is safe in Game of Thrones.

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Then the actor became very cryptic regarding his character’s future as DeGeneres asked if he knew what will happen to Sam in the upcoming last three episodes.

I don’t know what I know,” Bradley added. “I may ultimately know, but I’m not gonna know that I know until I know that I know.

Game of Thrones‘ next episode will premiere May 5. Check the full interview here below, then let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.