Milla Jovovich Blasts Hellboy Critics and Negative Reviews

Neil Marshall’s Hellboy is now unleashing hell into theaters after its opening last week, yet it has picked up a divisive reaction from fans and critics. At the moment, the movie has only 15% Fresh Rating on popular review site Rotten Tomatoes. Moreover, most critics have trashed the movie, with the majority of them being disappointed in the final result of the reboot.

One of the people who disagrees with the critics is Milla Jovovich, who plays the Blood Queen in the R-rated movie. The actress has taken on Instagram to share her long answer to Hellboy‘s haters, ironically noting that almost every popular movie she made had negative reviews.

“It’s always stressful on opening weekend and Hellboy is no different,” Jovovich wrote. “You work super hard to make something fun and entertaining and have to absorb the negative reviews by movie critics, but hey! THAT’S SHOWBIZ BABY. All I’m gonna say before going to bed is this: All my raddest films have been slammed by critics. It’s f*cking hilarious. Dazed and Confused? Seriously? Classic movie. The Fifth Element! You would have thought that was the worst movie ever made if you read the reviews in like ’98. Zoolander? Slammed. Joan of Arc? Disaster. Resident Evil? Let’s not even go there. Anyway, every one of those films is now a cult classic. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. And this will be too.”

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Then, the actress listed three good reasons people should go watch Hellboy.

“1. Because of the amazing actors. David Harbour. Ian Mcshane. Daniel Dae Kim. Sasha Lane. They are all so damn wonderful and talented, the movie is worth seeing just because they’re in it, especially one that’s so much fun to experience as this is. 2. Mike Mignola who created the Hellboy comics helped write the script and was on set every single day to make this film as close to his vision as possible. 3. It was directed by one of the greats. Neil Marshall who brought us The Descent. One of the greatest horror movies ever.”

Despite Jovovich’s words, Hellboy is underperforming at the box office and it has made only $15 million domestically. At the moment, the movie landed in third place for its debut, behind Shazam! and Little.

You can check out Hellboy in theaters now. Do you agree with Milla Jovovich’s words? Check her full post out here below, then let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.