Jon Cryer Discusses His Take on Lex Luthor

It’s probably safe to say that no one could have imagined Jon Cryer playing Lex Luthor in any medium, least of all Cryer himself. Regardless, Cryer is making his first appearance as Superman’s archenemy on Sunday’s episode of Supergirl. Ahead of his Arrowverse debut, Cryer spoke to AP Entertainment to describe his approach to playing such an iconic character.

“The whole thing came about oddly,” said Cryer. “The producers wanted to try something a little different. The comics’ Lex Luthor is a sociopath…There was an empathy and a cuddliness, and they wanted something without that. And they wanted someone who could employ this, part of what I was known for as an actor was this likability. And it was like, what if there was somebody who employs that in the service of being a sociopath?”

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This will be the first time Lex has appeared onscreen in Supergirl. Lex was imprisoned and therefore unable to menace Superman or his cousin. However, it appears that Lex will furloughed due to his failing health. Unfortunately for Kara and the world, Lex is still a major threat. In fact, Lex’s interactions with Katie McGrath’s Lena Luthor in the promo easily flew in the face of fan expectations. This may be Cryer’s most intense performance to date. Regardless, Supergirl is going to have her hands full with him. However, fans will have to wait until Sunday, March 17 to see them face off.

You can hear Cryer’s remarks for yourself via Twitter below. Are you excited to see his take on Lex Luthor? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!