Dark Phoenix International Trailer Reveals Jean Grey’s X-Men Origin

Late last month, the trailer for 20th Century Fox’s Dark Phoenix  painted a bleak picture, with Jean Grey becoming transformed into an unstoppable menace. However, the new international trailer for the forthcoming movie gets even more in-depth. It takes a closer look at the character’s origins.

The trailer, which is below, kicks into high gear right off the bat. It features a younger version of Jean as she experiences a devastating car wreck. Shortly thereafter, she meet a younger version of Charles Xavier, aka Professor X (James McAvoy). He offers her a place in his school and explains he can fix whatever she breaks.

It then shifts back to current day, where Jean and various X-Men characters head into space for an undisclosed mission to repair an abandoned space shuttle.

With the help of Nightcrawler, Jean teleports closer to the wreckage to rebuild it. However, she’s left behind while he returns to the ship. Moments later, the shuttle is struck by some form of dark energy, which overwhelms Jean.

Somehow, she survives this and returns to Earth with the others. But they notice things changing within her, such as her newfound strength. She fears she may lose control. She shows this possibility shortly thereafter with a scene in which she tears a house apart.

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It’s here that we start to see footage from the other trailer. This includes a face-off with Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) that leaves her fate unknown (though she could be dead, as a few funeral scenes indicate). In addition, we’re once again introduced to the mysterious new character played by Jessica Chastain. Her character tries to manipulate Jean, asking if she’s will answer to a “man in a chair” or demonstrate she’s the “most powerful creature on the planet.”

Other bits and pieces follow these events, mainly with Magneto. He shows up in full force ready to kill Jean, with a simple threat: “The girl dies.” However, even with several guns firing at her, she isn’t ready to go down so easily.

This trailer has a lot more social traction than the one that debuted last week. Its dark tone definitely sets the pace for a not-so-typical X-Men film, that’s for sure. You can see it in full below.

Dark Phoenix arrives in theaters on June 7. Will you see how this latest chapter turns out? Let us know in the comments below!