Dougray Scott Cast As Jacob Kane In The CW’s Batwoman Pilot

Nearly two decades ago, Dougray Scott was slated to play Wolverine in the first X-Men movie. However, an injury and scheduling issues forced him to relinquish the role to Hugh Jackman. Now, Scott is reentering the comic realm with a big role in The CW’s Batwoman pilot.

Via Entertainment Weekly, Scott is portraying Jacob Kane, the father of  Kate Kane/Batwoman. In the DC Universe, Colonel Kane is a career military officer who supported his daughter’s crime fighting crusade. However, Kane and Batwoman have also been at odds, and the pilot episode appears to place them on opposite sides. Within the show, Kane is decidedly against Batman and his legacy. Apparently, Kane will also be in command of a private security force called The Crows. His goal is to restore Gotham City without embracing the methods used by his daughter. The description also implies that Jacob isn’t aware of Kate’s alter ego, and they may be on a collision course.

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Scott’s previous genre credits include Hemlock Grove, Doctor Who, and Fear the Walking Dead. He has also appeared in the Snatch TV series, Taken 3, and Hitman, among others.

Ruby Rose is headlining the Batwoman pilot as Kate Kane and her alter ego. Rachel Skarsten is portraying Alice/Beth, the twin sister of Kate who was thought to be dead. The pilot episode is also introducing Kate’s step-sister, Mary Hamilton (Nicole Kang), a character created for the show.

Camrus Johnson is also in the Batwoman pilot as Luke Fox, the son Bruce Wayne’s right hand man, Lucius Fox. Meagan Tandy is playing Sophie Moore, Kate Kane’s lover from their time in military academy. Batwoman will begin production soon, and a full series order is likely to follow.

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