The Team Trains Together in Titans Episode 5 Teaser

Through the first four episodes, the Titans haven’t officially come together as a team. DC Universe’s original series has been taking a slow burn approach, but that ends now. Titans episode 5 is going to start moving things forward at a faster pace. DC Universe has released a new teaser for the next episode of Titans, which features Dick and Kory getting a lot closer. But they’re not going to have much time for fun, because the Nuclear Family is still hunting them down. To save themselves, Dick, Kory, Rachel, and Gar are actually going to have to train together and trust each other.

However, Rachel’s inner evil may still prove to be the real danger. In this clip, Rachel sees a disturbing vision of herself, as she teases a dark fate for her new friends and allies.

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Over at DC, Titans executive producer Geoff Johns spoke about Dick Grayson’s eventual transition from Robin to Nightwing.

“We talked a lot about starting Dick Grayson as Nightwing,” said Johns. “[It] all got to a point where we’re going to miss and hop over what I think is a really interesting period of Dick Grayson’s life where he left Batman and he was struggling to find a new identity and who he was…We took a sliver of the comics that dealt with Dick Grayson post-Batman a little bit and amplified that even more, exploring what that period for Dick Grayson was really like…We wanted to build up to him becoming Nightwing.”

Here’s the official description of the next episode from DC Universe. “When the Nuclear Family tracks them down, Dick, Kory, Rachel and Gar decide to stop running and work together – and the team that will be known as “The Titans” is formed..”

Titans episode 5 will premiere on Friday, November 9, only on DC Universe. You can watch the preview below, and then share your thoughts in the comment section!