Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Soundtrack Now Streamable

If you’re anything like me, you haven’t been able to stop playing Sony’s latest exclusive: Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4.

It is absolutely addicting in every way and swinging through New York City has never felt better. I’ve spent hours just moving through the skyscrapers performing insane acrobatics and trying to chain together the coolest looking moves. Perhaps the most fun mechanic of this game, swinging around provides a sense of relaxation and is a fantastic way to take a break from the emotional main story or the hundreds of side missions to be accomplished in the game. This is in part thanks to the triumphant score that composer John Paesano created. Now, you can listen to Marvel’s Spider-Man soundtrack on the digital provider of your choice by clicking here.

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As you are swinging, music builds and gives you an unparalleled feeling of freedom, fluidity, and downright awesomeness as you fly through the sky controlling everyone’s favorite web-slinger himself. Music plays an integral part to Marvel’s Spider-Man and helps to push this already amazing game even further. Now, you can listen to the heroic score anytime you want as it has been released on all of your favorite streaming services. Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, you name it and it’s there for your listening pleasure.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available exclusively on PS4 and was recently reported by USA Today to have sold 3.3 million copies in just the first 3 days of it’s release. These numbers make Spider-Man the fastest selling first-party game release Sony has ever seen. Previously, that title belonged to the epic God of War that released earlier this year. Developer Insomniac Games brought the wall-crawler to life in wondrous fashion, creating a different Peter Parker than we have seen before while also staying true to the character we know and love.

What do you think about Paesano’s Spider-Man score? Let us know in the comment section below!