Ridley Scott: ‘No Reason’ Alien Shouldn’t be on Level as Star Wars for Fans

Ridley Scott continues to beat the drum for the Alien franchise, telling the Toronto Sun that he thinks the franchise should be on par with the likes of Star Trek and Star Wars.

“There’s no reason why Alien should now not be on the same level for fans as Star Trek and Star Wars,” he tells the outlet when asked about another installment in the series. “So I think the next step as to where we go is, do we sustain the Alien (series) with the evolution of the beast or do we reinvent something else? I think you need to have an evolution on this famous beast because he’s the best monster ever, really.”

For comparison, Star Wars: The Last Jedi recently crossed the $1 billion mark at the global box office, with projections putting its final total somewhere in the $1.3 to 1.5 billion ballpark. Alien: Covenant, on the other hand, topped out at $240 million with the entire Alien franchise having a worldwide gross total of $1.5 billion.

When asked if he would like to make more, he replied: “I would like to; they’re crazy if they don’t. David is a fantastic villain. I love what (Michael Fassbender) did in Covenant. But it’s f—ing hard, dude. We lifted Alien out of a ditch and made Prometheus.”

The director gave another interview recently as well, seemingly contradicting himself, by saying the the next film in the series would have “less alien” in it. It remains to be seen what the state of the Alien film franchise will be in the future following the sale of 20th Century Fox film assets to The Walt Disney Company, announced last year. Disney’s Bob Iger has said there is “potential” with R-rated Marvel films moving forward at the company, but he has given no indication that violent sci-fi fare like Alien will continue at the House of Mouse.