The New Crow Movie Lands at Sony Pictures

The new Crow movie, which spent almost a decade in development at Relativity, has landed at Sony Pictures, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The latest talent that was attached when the project was still at Relativity were director Corin Hardy (The Hallow) and Aquaman star Jason Momoa. The trade says that the plan includes them coming on in the near term.

The development of The Crow movie has had a troubled history with frequent stalls in the pre-production cycle and multiple lead actor drop outs, including Bradley Cooper, Luke Evans, Tom Hiddleston and Jack Huston.

Series creator James O’Barr previously spoke about the film, saying it would stick closer to the source material in many regards including using the same songs referenced in the pages of the original comic. How much has changed in the development process since then remains to be seen.

The Crow was originally published as a four issue miniseries in 1989. Alex Proyas directed the 1994 film based on the series which starred Brandon Lee. Tragically, Lee died in an accident during production. However, the role was recast for several sequels and even a short-lived television series. In the comics, too, O’Barr’s character has been sequelized in quite a few different stories and formats, including a bizarre 2013 crossover with Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostsbusters and The X-Files.

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