Son of Shaolin Targets Dope Director Rick Famuyiwa

Sony Pictures eyes Dope director Rick Famuyiwa to helm the comic book adaptation Son of Shaolin

Although he was attached for several months to The Flash, Dope director Rick Famuyiwa departed the DC Comics adaptation late last year. A big screen comic book movie still appears to be in his future, however, as The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Famuyiwa has entered talks to helm Columbia PicturesSon of Shaolin, based on the upcoming original graphic novel from Image Comics.

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Written by Jay Longino with art by Caanan White, Son of Shaolin is officially described as follows:

Son of Shaolin offers a kung-fu epic set in the back alleys and subway tunnels of Harlem, New York. Kyrie, an aspiring street artist who is struggling to make ends meet, learns that he is the last living descendant of a secret sect of ancient Shaolin elders. Confused and unsure of where to turn, he finds a father figure in the mysterious Master Fong. Fong trains Kyrie in martial arts in anticipation of an attack from Red Fist, a relentless killer who has already murdered the rest of Kyrie’s bloodline.

Son of Shaolin will be produced by Dwayne Johnson alongside Dany and Hiram Garcia through their Seven Bucks Entertainment. Longino himself is serves as executive producer with Maia Eyre and Matt Milam overseeing for Columbia Pictures.

You’ll be able to read Son of Shaolin yourself when the original graphic novel hits shelves September 20.

Does Son of Shaolin sound like a project you’ll want to check out on the big screen? What do you think of Famuyiwa as director? Who would you like to see headline? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!