Rahul Kohli Cast in Supergirl as Jack Spheer

Supergirl has another potential villain on the way. Rahul Kohli, who plays medical examiner Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti on The CW series iZombie, has been cast in an upcoming guest spot for the superhero show, according to EW. Kohli will play Jack Spheer, “a charismatic tech genius who has spent decades working on a medical innovation that will eradicate major illnesses and change the face of the world – if it works.”

DC Comics fans know that Jack Spheer has a villainous alter-ego. In the comics, Spheer is the CEO of Biospheer Technologies and creates something called the Biomax Process to which alters genetic tissue. The goal was to change food production, but it all goes wrong. When Spheer is pushed into a vat of the Biomax formula, he becomes the villain Biomax. Whether or not this will happen in the show remains to be seen.

Kohli will appear in episode 18, entitled “Ace Reporter.” Spheer appears in National City to do a presentation of his technology. As reporters, Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) and Snapper Carr (Ian Gomez) are on the scene. It’s also reported that he has a past with Lena Luthor (Katie MaGrath). The episode will also take on the importance of journalism.

“I’m so excited to be working on Supergirl starring as Jack Spheer,” Kohli told the site. “It’s given me the chance to continue my relationship with The CW as well as fulfill my goal of meeting a Kryptonian.”

Supergirl airs on Monday nights on The CW. iZombie will return on April 4, 2017 with new episodes. What do you guys think of this season so far? Are there any villains you’d like to see on the show that you haven’t yet? Are you excited to see Rahul Kohli on the show? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @ComingSoonnet.