Dwayne Johnson Talks Black Adam & the DC Universe

A big “state of the union”-style meeting was just held yesterday at DC Comics, where Shazam star Dwayne Johnson, his producer Hiram Garcia, and DC Comics president and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns met to discuss the actor’s role as supervillain Black Adam as well as the cinematic universe at large.

As per usual with DC Films, this is part of their campaign to assure fans that the bleak, nihilistic tone of the first three films released will not be the norm. Johnson, a crafty showman and producer appreciated around Hollywood for often being “franchise Viagra,” could very well help usher in the spirit of excitement the DC Extended Universe needs to capture.

On Christmas Day, Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram with a snapshot of himself and his pal, Superman actor Henry Cavill, which sparked discussion of a possible onscreen matchup between Black Adam and the Man of Steel.

“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Black Adam and Superman. Today we drink like gentleman and come together as friends. We’re excited for what the future brings. #DangerousGentlemen #DCWorldsWillCollide”

It remains to be seen when this match-up could happen on the big screen, as the Shazam movie is still without a director; but who do you think will win when they meet?

Jack the Giant Slayer scribe Darren Lemke is currently penning the script for Shazam. Shazam was previously announced for an April 5, 2019, though Johnson has teased that the film could arrive earlier than that. The film tells the story of teenager Billy Batson, who transforms into the superhero when he says the magic word “Shazam!”