A Hint at a Doctor Strange Guardians of the Galaxy Connection?

A potential Doctor Strange Guardians of the Galaxy connection and Vol 2. details from James Gunn!

Marvel Studios continues to tease next year’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. with some interesting reveals and one of them may even tie to a potential Doctor Strange Guardians of the Galaxy connection! James Gunn took to Facebook Live again yesterday with a new fan Q&A session wherein he went over quite a few recently-revealed plot details from his summer 2017 return to the Marvel cosmos. You can check out the full video in the player at the bottom of this page.

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“I think we’ve given out the people that are in ‘Guardians 2’ that we’re going to give out so far,” Gunn teases at one point, reminding us that there’s still quite a lot we don’t know Guardians 2.

His recap of what’s been confirmed so far includes the fact that the film picks up two months after the events of Vol. 1, that Sylvester Stallone is playing a mystery character and, as revealed at Comic-Con, Kurt Russell is playing Ego the Living Planet, Star-Lord’s father.

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Gunn also hints that we’re probably not going to see adult Groot again anytime soon. Comic-Con footage depicted a precocious child version of the Marvel hero.

“Don’t expect baby Groot to do too much changing in the second movie,” Gunn says.

Although he doesn’t offer any comments whatsoever on Vin Diesel’s recent Facebook Live announcement that the Guardians will, indeed, appear in Joe and Anthony Russo’s Avengers: Infinity War in 2018, Gunn does remind fans that Vol. 2 might be where he says goodbye to the team. He hasn’t decided yet if he’s going to do a Vol. 3 and the Guardians team itself (in whatever form it may be by the time Vol. 2 is done) may ultimately have a very different path through the MCU.

Then there’s the potential Doctor Strange Guardians of the Galaxy connection in Gunn’s description of the multi-tentacled beastie, an “Abilisk, featured in the film’s recently-revealed concept art.

“[It’s] a multidimensional being,” says Gunn. “The Guardians have been hired to fight him.”

It’s well known that Scott Derrickson’s Doctor Strange is set to feature an exploration of alternate dimensions and we’ve even already been given a tease of a similar creature. Check out the LEGO version of what the toy company describes as a “Portal Beast”:

Could that be the same creature or something else related? There do seem to be a few visual discrepancies, but they definitely share a similar Lovecraftian design. Then again, Kevin Feige has made clear that, just because something appears in toy form, it’s not necessarily going to make it to the big screen. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!