The Full Marvel November 2016 Solicitations!

Check out the full Marvel November 2016 solicitations with cover art in the below gallery!

The full Marvel November 2016 solicitations have been released, and in the gallery viewer below, you can now check out all the artwork, synopses and product images for 150 different upcoming Marvel releases!

The Marvel November 2016 solicitations bring an end to Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez’s Civil War II, now expanded into an eight issue miniseries.

“The additional issue of ‘Civil War II’ will bring the explosive event to its powerful conclusion,” Marvel reports, “but with an Inhuman at the center of the conflict with the ability to see what’s to come, has the future already been foretold or can it be changed?”

“First of all, the response from fans over ‘Civil War II’ has been so heartwarming,” says Bendis. “Secondly, over the summer I thought of a different, hopefully better, way to tell our ending. It’s not a different ending but a different way to tell it and I am so happy that Marvel gave us this chance to do our thing. Some fans already know that a lot is going to change in the Marvel Universe post-Civil War II but we’ve kept some secrets secret and issue #8 is chock full of them.”

“As the events of Civil War II continued to unfold across the Marvel Universe we saw that the stakes kept rising,” adds David Gabriel, Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing. “By providing retailers and fans an additional issue, Bendis and Marquez are given the added freedom to present a story that is going to bring the war to a cataclysmic ending with seismic changes to the Marvel Universe.”

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