DC Collectibles Reveals from San Diego Comic-Con

DC Collectibles is introducing some new figures here at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 and we got a chance to check out the panel. Jason Inman was moderating and the panel included Marguerite Bennett, writer of the DC Bombshells comic, Brian Walters, Art Director of the Bombshells line, Jack Matthews, sculpture for DC’s Justice League action figures, Jim Fletcher, Executive Creative Director for DC Collectibles, Kevin Kiniry from DC Collectibles and comic book icon Jim Lee.

After a DC Collectible quiz, we got a slew of pictures of the new DC Collectibles reveals, which you can check out in the gallery below. We’re getting three new ones from the Batman Black & White series, including a Harley Quinn with her mallet from artist Lee Bermio, and two Batmans, one from Rafael Albuquerque and one from Jason Fabok. Fans of this line are going to love the detail in the capes. Even cooler is a very unusual Batman from artist Kim Jun Ji. Fletcher thought it was so unusual that he said, if anyone manages to cosplay as that character next year, they’d get a prize. Considering the emphasis they put on a mixture of well-known and lesser-known artists during the entire panel, it’s a very important piece. (They did actually joke about using arm wrestling to determine which artists make the cut. )

We’re also getting a Jim Lee Harley Quinn statue from “Hush,” that Lee explained was modeled directly off the splash page from the comic. Then he “used all those filters that people use to make themselves look skinnier on Instagram” to soften the lines, and added dimension. This is the black, white and red series and Lee said that, while it is definitely reflective of his work, it reflected the artistic sensibilities of the sculptures and designers as well.

After a mention of a visit from a certain Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) at the DC office in Burbank, CA, the figures from Suicide Squad were revealed. This part of the new line was taken from actor likenesses, though they said it was a lot of work to modify them for statues. Fletcher explained that the level of detail is so high that they had a heck of a time adding expression and bringing a photo shoot to life. They’ve got each of the main characters, but they’re doing a special one with the Joker and Harley Quinn together, which will be released around Valentine’s Day. These, as you can see from the pics, will use the classic Alex Ross colors.

After a break where Lee revealed his past stealing revolvers out of G.I.Joe boxes as a seven-year-old kid to massive applause, we saw the DC Designers series statues including Batgirl from Babs Starr and Cameron Stewart, a Batman by Andy Kubert, a Harley Quinn from Bruce Timm, each a 12” statue. Harley will be out in the next month or two. We also got The Flash by Francis Manapul, and a stunning Starfire from Amanda Conner, with gorgeous color saturation, especially in the hair. We’ll also get a Joker direct from The Killing Joke.

In the DC Bombshells line, we have Raven, Halloween Batgirl (revealed at Toy Fair a little while back) and Bumblebee. Bennett bases her stories off these figures and explained that she fell in love with her vampire Batgirl and it changed the way she wrote the character’s story. We’re also getting The Flash, a Katana with tattoos you’re going to envy and Aquaman, the very first male Bombshell. Matthews explained that the hardest thing to sculpt and get right on these ar the hands. “It’s always the hands. The hands are so expressive,” he said. “It’s really hard to capture that well.”

In the action figure line, we’re getting Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Batwoman and Harley Quinn, the first time we’re getting action figures for Bombshells at all. Bennett was shocked, saying, “You didn’t tell me! Oh my gosh, you’re going to ruin me!” If you like Harley’s jacket, you can actually buy one at Hot Topic, along with a lot of other Bombshell clothing pieces.

DC TV action figures include Zoom, Hawkgirl, Firestorm, The Atom, Matt Ryan as Constantine, Hawkgirl, and the Martian Manhunter from Supergirl. In the film action figure series, we’re getting Batman, Zod, Superman, Faora, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Nightmare Batman and armored Batman with light up eyes.

The DC Icons action figures include Darkseid, and Grail, his daughter. Darkseid is huge. “This guy could be a doorstop,” Inman joked. Kiniry said that they have great articulation which works well for actual play. That is, if you ever take your toys out of the box. The audience was about 50/50 when they asked for a show of hands. They based Darkseid’s size on Lee’s instructions that said he’s about “Two Aquamans high.”

We’re also getting Batgirl of Burnside, complete with motorcycle and an alternate head with windblown hair. Everyone on the panel talked about the action figures and how much better the articulation is in this new line. They want you to be able to recreate character scenarios and “tell the full story of what they can do,” Kiniry said. Fletcher said that the new Deadshot, Nightwing, Shazam! and Sinestro statures have “even more posable, hardcore constructs “so you can add things to imply powers. We’re also getting Catwoman, the Demon Etrigan and a mystery figure that will come out at the same time. They joked that it was Pikachu, but quickly said, “no, no it’s not.”

In the Justice League Rebirth 7-pack we get Cyborg, Aquaman, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the Flash. They changed it up and lowered the price to $100 for all of them so more people could have access to quality collectibles. They’re also putting out the classic Booster Gold and Blue Beetle with word balloons and alternate laughing heads to continue on the theme of play.

In the DC Animated Action figure lines, which got some huge applause, we have a new Catwoman and Riddler from later in the series. We’re also getting a pack of Batman heads with six different expressions. The scared one is priceless. He’ll also have a few different capes. There is also a Superman and and Lois Lane 2-pack for next year.

If you have a suggestion for the gang on what to do next, they’re currently planning toys for 2018 and they love Facebook page suggestions. They also take emails, believe it or not, and the bigwigs actually read them. The email is dccollectibles@dcentertainment.com. What are you most excited for from the new releases? Let us know in the comments.