First Clip from Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Revealed!

Ahead of the franchise’s annual Star Wars Celebration this week, Lucasfilm has revealed the first clip from Star Wars Rebels Season 3 in the latest episode of The Star Wars Show! Check it out in the player below beginning at the 3:40 mark.

Lucasfilm previously announced that Star Wars Rebels executive producer and supervising director Dave Filoni and special guests will share highly-guarded sneak peeks at what’s to come in Star Wars Rebels Season 3, including a screening of the first two episodes, at this year’s Star Wars Celebration.

A long-time Star Wars fan himself, Filoni’s direction has added depth and resonance to the universe and characters with the critically-acclaimed Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rebels animated series. Fans at Celebration are in for great programming, and some unforgettable Q&A sessions, whenever Filoni takes the stage.

In the shocking two-part Season 2 finale of Star Wars Rebels, titled “Twilight of the Apprentice,” destinies were forever changed and iconic characters re-emerged. In the one-hour finale, Kanan, Ezra and Ahsoka seek out an Inquisitor to gain information about Vader, but soon encounter an unexpected ally in their fight against the Sith. When their search leads them to a confrontation with Vader (voiced by James Earl Jones), the three Jedi and their new ally must marshal all their strengths to survive.