Lisa Joy to Script Battlestar Galactica Movie

Westworld’s Lisa Joy will script Universal Pictures’ Battlestar Galactica movie

For several years now, Universal Pictures has been trying to bring to the big screen a Battlestar Galactica movie, based on the original 1978 television series created by Glen A. Larson. Today, EW has an update, reporting that Lisa Joy (Westworld) has signed on to provide the screenplay. What’s more, the outlet has confirmed that The Hunger Games franchise’s Francis Lawrence is potentially interested in directing.

Battlestar Galactica began with the 1978 television series, which chronicled the adventures of space faring vessel centuries in the future. At the end of a millenia-long conflict with a robotic race known as the Cylons, the last surviving warship, the Galactica, leads a convoy of hundreds of human vessels in search of a mythic planet called Earth.

The first Battlestar Galactica series was followed by a brief sequel/spinoff series, Galactica: 1980, two years later. The franchise is arguably best known today, however, as a rebooted television version that premiered in 2004. That series, created by Ronald D. Moore and David Eick, was followed by a short lived prequel series, Caprica, in 2010 and a webseries, Blood & Chrome, in 2012. It is believed that the new Battlestar Galactica movie, which is being produced by Bluegrass Films, will again reboot the franchise.

Previously, plans for the new Battlestar Galactica movie had X-Men: Apocalypse‘s Bryan Singer eyeing the director’s chair, with Transcendence scribe Jack Paglen having previously turned in a draft of the script.

At this stage, it sounds like Francis Lawrence’s involvement is far from a sure thing. Having helmed all three Hunger Games sequels, Lawrence has plans for a new big screen version of Homer’s The Odyssey at Lionsgate as well.

How do you feel about a Battlestar Galactica movie? Would you like to see a fresh start for the sci-fi franchise or should the new film have ties to either of the previous series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!