Warcraft China Box Office Tops $90 Million in Two Days

Universal Pictures and Legendary‘s Warcraft adaptation started playing internationally back on May 25th, but it’s only been playing in China for two days. The Warcraft China box office, however, tops all the other overseas markets combined so far. According to Legendary, Warcraft has earned RMB 595-605 million, which is approximately $90.6 – $92.2 million, after two days. Only two other films have ever passed RMB 500 million in their first two days of release: The Mermaid and Furious 7. The film has taken in about $78 million from other territories.

Warcraft will open in North American theaters and more international markets tonight. How do you think the Duncan Jones-directed movie will perform at the domestic box office this weekend? Let us know in the comments.

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Focusing on a land on the brink of war, Warcraft begins when Orc clans travel through a portal into the Kingdom of Azeroth, leading to a conflict between the worlds of Orcs and men. Travis Fimmel stars as Anduin Lothar, the iconic hero who leads King Llane’s (Dominic Cooper) army to protect the kingdom from the orcs who seeks to steal the lives of their people in order to power the portal that can bring more orcs into Azeroth.

With the help of powerful wizards, Khadgar (Ben Schnetzer) and Medivh (Ben Foster), who support the armies with action-packed magic, they come face to face with the brute force of the Horde. They find unlikely allies in the honorable orcs Durotan (Toby Kebbel) and Orgrim (Robert Kazinsky), who disagrees with the corruption and darkness used to invade their land. They also enlist the prowess of half orc, the warrior Garona (Paula Patton).