Steve Rogers Will be Captain America Again!

Steve Rogers will return to the mantle of Captain America in Marvel Comics

For well over a year now, Steve Rogers hasn’t been the Star Spangled Man in the pages of Marvel Comics. Not because he had been killed in the line of duty like other heroes, but because the Super-Soldier Serum had been removed from his body and aged him to accurately reflect how old he is. Following that, Steve passed the mantle to his long-time partner Sam Wilson, aka The Falcon, now Marvel has announced that Steve will pick up the shield and return as the hero in a new comic series Captain America: Steve Rogers.

Writer Nick Spencer (Sam Wilson: Captain America) and artist Jesus Saiz (Swamp Thing) will bring the series to life as it coincides with the 75th anniversary of the character.

“It means we’ll have two Captain Americas,” Spencer said. “When Steve handed the shield to Sam, it didn’t come with any caveats. It’s his. Steve respects and admires what his old partner is doing, and wants him to carry on. There are enough problems out there, and enough bad guys, to keep both of them busy. They’ll have very different missions; Sam will continue fighting the battles no one else will go near, while Steve is faced with a resurgent threat from his past: Hydra is back, and stronger than ever.’

“For me, it’s great, because I get to tell two very different kinds of Captain America stories. If you’re liking what we’re doing in CAPTAIN AMERICA: SAM WILSON, with a more topical, of-the-moment take, we’ve got a lot more of that coming your way; but if you’re looking for that classic, timeless version, the one that’s steeped in the Greatest Generation with Cap fighting the face of true evil, now we’ve got that for you as well. I think they’ll complement each other nicely.”

You can check out a preview of Steve Rogers’ new costume below!