Paul Bettany and Anthony Mackie on Avengers’ Vision and The Falcon

Earlier today, had a chance to talk to Paul Bettany and Anthony Mackie about their indie drama Shelter, which Bettany wrote and directed and Mackie stars in with Bettany’s wife, Jennifer Connelly. We ended up having a little bit of extra time to talk to them about the characters they’ve helped to bring to life for Marvel Studios: The Vision and The Falcon. 

As far as Bettany, he talked to us about transitioning from Jarvis to The Vision and why playing the Avengers android has been so much fun for him. Mackie talked a little bit about the future of Captain America and who might carry the shield next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and about how they were able to keep The Falcon’s cameo in Ant-Man a secret.  (Oddly, he didn’t even realize that Bettany was part of the MCU when he appeared in Shelter, but he said they do have more scenes together in Captain America: Civil War.)

Look for the full interviews with Bettany, Mackie and Connelly over on very soon.