Ridley Scott Teases New Characters for Alien: Paradise Lost

A new group of travelers will join Shaw and David in Ridley Scott’s Alien: Paradise Lost

Director Ridley Scott continues to spill the beans about his upcoming Prometheus sequel Alien: Paradise Lost, this time filling in Awards Campaign on the state of the Engineer homeworld (ironically nicknamed “Paradise”) once Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and David (Michael Fassbender) cruise in on their croissant-shaped spaceship, as well as some other new arrivals.

“It’s going to be it’s own separate thing because they are going to the planet of the Engineers and they are going to see what happened there. It was a disaster,” Scott says. “And they will be in that alien craft that takes them there, but with a new group that’s incoming, a new group of travelers in the beginning of the first act.”

Sounds like Scott needed to feed some more characters into his Xenomorph meat grinder, so it could potentially be a new group of humans from the sinister Weyland Corporation coming in to bring bioweapons back to Earth, some military grunts ala James Cameron’s Aliens or possibly an entirely new species we haven’t seen yet. As for the fate of the Engineers, given the havoc we’ve already seen unleashed in previous films, it’s not hard to imagine a full-scale monster epidemic may have broken out across their planet, although there could be something even worse in store.

Production on Alien: Paradise Lost is set to begin in early 2016, with Rapace and Fassbender set to reprise their roles of Shaw and the android David, respectively. Jack Paglen (Transcendence) and Michael Green (Green LanternBlade Runner 2) are providing the screenplay.