Denis Villeneuve Talks The Mystery of Deckard in Blade Runner Sequel

Blade Runner sequel will “take care” of the mystery of Deckard’s identity

Ever since Blade Runner hit theaters in 1982, there has been a divide among its fans – is Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard a human or is he a replicant? It’s a question that the film leaves up to the viewer, though director Ridley Scott, Ford, and everyone else has chimed in with their own thoughts on the subject. With a sequel set to begin production next summer, there will certainly be more fuel on the fire of Deckard’s true identity.

CraveOnline caught up with director Denis Villeneuve (Sicario), who will helm the sequel, and asked him his thoughts on whether Deckard was a human or replicant, to which he replied: “Now that I am on the other side of the fence, I cannot answer.”

Villeneuve did go on to say that the mystery will be something they address in the film and that re-contextualizing the original film with any answers they present in the sequel is a concern of his.

“The thing I must say is that I love mystery. I love shadows. I love doubts. I would just want to say to the fans that we will take care of that mystery. I will take care of it.”

The Blade Runner sequel is scheduled to start principal photography in summer of 2016. Hampton Fancher (co-writer of the original) and Michael Green have written the original screenplay based on an idea by Fancher and Ridley Scott with the story taking place several decades after the conclusion of the 1982 original. Harrison Ford will reprise his role as Rick Deckard with Ryan Gosling previously said to be in talks for a role. Villeneuve will direct the film with frequent collaborator Roger Deakins working as director of photography.