Marvel Solicitations for November 2015

Doctor Strange is back in the Marvel solicitations.

It’s an All-New, All-Different Avengers in the Marvel Solicitations for November 2015

The full Marvel solicitations for November 2015 have been released, and in the gallery viewer below, you can now check out all the artwork, synopses and product images for more than 100 different upcoming releases!

Although readers got an early taste of the team this past Free Comic Book Day, the “All-New, All-Different” Avengers finally assemble in the aftermath of “Secret Wars.” In an interview with Marvel earlier this summer, writer Mark Waid explained how the specific lineup came to be.

“Honestly, the big three—Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America—were a given regardless of who was currently holding onto those identities,” he says. “Vision was our fourth pick because I have a new take on the character that I’ve been thinking about for almost a year in hopes I’d be able to do something with it. We knew from there that we needed some fresh blood on the team to balance the old guard. Ms. Marvel was my first choice—what a great character—and I’ve very much enjoyed writing Nova over the past couple of years here and there. The seventh slot was Tom Brevoort’s suggestion: Miles Morales [as Spider-Man], and was a good pick because we wanted someone who’d not only never been an Avenger but hadn’t even been seen with them.”

The Marvel solicitations also include the first inter-title Star Wars crossover with the six-part event “Vader Down,” which writers Jason Aaron and Kieron Gillen discussed in their own Marvel interview.

“[The rebels have] Vader in quite the predicament,” says Aaron of the event’s plot. “He’s alone. He’s grossly outnumbered and his ship has crashed on this alien landscape. Whether everybody believes they can do it or not, they know this is their best shot to capture him or kill him or whatever. When you get that shot, you’ve got to take it and send everyone you’ve got down after him.”

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