Resident Evil 6: Ali Larter Says This Really Will Be The Final Chapter

Ali Larter confirms Resident Evil 6 will indeed be The Final Chapter in the series

While actress Ali Larter’s fan-fav character Claire Redfield has been confirmed to return in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, the actress has double confirmed the truthiness of the title to IGN, explaining that the sixth film in the post-apocalyptic cycle is indeed the last. 

“I know it is,” said Larter of the finality of “The Final Chapter.” “We are not allowed to say one thing. I am held to secrecy, but what I can tell you is that the script is amazing. They’re really wrapping up the whole series, so that just makes it a little more poignant. To be able to come back and reprise my role as Claire and my relationship with Alice, with Umbrella Corp. — you know, I’m excited to get back in it. I think the fans are just going to be beyond excited.”

Larter joins a cast that includes Milla Jovovich as lead protagonist Alice in addition to Wentworth Miller (who, as of late, has been menacing “The Flash” as Captain Cold) in the role of her brother, Chris Redfield. Larter previously played her character in Resident Evil: Extinction and Resident Evil: Afterlife, and is thrilled to be returning to the franchise.

“How many movies have this kind of fanbase and get to be made six times?” Larter said. “I think that’s extraordinary. It’s a total testament to [series star] Milla [Jovovich] and Paul. I’m so grateful to them, that they chose me to be a part of it halfway through, and they’ve kept me along for the ride. I love that it’s not seven men and one woman. I mean, these are two women, and they’re not competing with each other. You know, there are such easy clichés these two could fall into, but this is definitely a female power movie.”

Production is slated to begin later this month on Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, with Cape Town, South Africa being one of several locales used for the sixth and (supposed) last part in the long-running Resident Evil franchise. Paul W.S. Anderson is set to return for his fourth outing as director and writer of the Screen Gems franchise.

Currently the series is the highest-grossing franchise based on a video game, with over $915 million at the global box office across the five films. The last film to see release was Resident Evil: Retribution in 2012.