Most Craved Takes on Deadpool, Fantastic Four and Prometheus 2

This week, Most Craved is talking about the Deadpool trailer, plans for Prometheus 2 and the response so far to Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four!

The focus is very much on 20th Century Fox on this week’s episode of Most Craved. We’re starting things off by talking about the studios’ big Friday release of Fantastic Four. Directed by Josh Trank, the new take on Marvel’s First Family stars Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell. Unfortunately, reviews aren’t looking too favorable and we’re discussing what that might mean for the franchise moving forward.

Next up, we’re diving head first into just released Deadpool trailer. Ryan Reynolds is set to lend some charismatic irreverence to Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth and the response so far from fans seems to suggest that the R-rated Deadpool could wind up providing a a superhero action comedy unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Beyond the Marvel multiverse, this week brought confirmation that Ridley Scott is moving forward with plans for Prometheus 2 and has slated production to begin in January 2016. Whether or not another Prometheus is something audiences are eager for, however, remains to be seen.

 This week’s hosts include Jenna Busch of Legion of Leia, our own Silas Lesnick and guest host Luke Y. Thompson of Topless RobotCraveOnline‘s William Bibbiani was out today, catching a press screening of Fantastic Four. You can already check out his thoughts on the new big screen take on Marvel’s First Family right here while our own Edward Douglas has both his own review as well as a video interview with the cast of the Josh Trank film.

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Fantastic Four opens in theaters this Friday with Deadpool hitting the big screen February 12, 2016. Prometheus 2, meanwhile, is currently without a release date.